An 8th success ... watered !

To change a few beautiful summery conditions which would quickly trivialize the event, we had planned a global, more or less dense and more or less frequent watering, of this 8th edition of Classic Days.

This watering allowed us to notice that the spectators and the participants not only were tight, but especially were not allowed frighten by some drops so cold they are!

More than 24.000 people defied the bad weather on the whole weekend, and 23.997 were delighted to have made it : the feelings were not lacking throughout these two days.

It begins with the user-friendliness always so present, the multiple exchanges of wet enthusiasts, these whole families, often in three generations, which are amazed all the time.

It is as well around the immense Henri Pescarolo as the crowd hurries up constantly, each coming to show him its admiration and to thank him for these moments of happiness lived thanks to him.

Journey in the time in the sound of V12 when the MATRA SIMCA MS 670B dashes on the track, the man in the green helmet in its steering wheel. The shivers gallop along the spinal column. The heart catches itself by seeing the immense enjoyment being read on the face of this driver who nevertheless knew so many great moments.

Throughout the paths of Magny-Cours, each goes of discoveries to surprises, according to its desires, according to its passion, according to its humors. The eclecticism remains the key word and it is good what makes the magic of Classic Days.

The Parade AUTOSUR CLASSIC was not able to beat its record but gathered all the same 564 cars in spite of the rain. Clouds and showers we shall have deprived the planes of the meeting of Ferté Alais, but it will be for another time...

We cannot detail all the treasures of this edition so much they were many and varied, just like indescribable Panhard & Levassor 35cv of the City of Automobile of Mulhouse, that a contrary connecting rod left with the stand, or still the Silver Hawk 1480cc ACT, clubs variegated in the village the list is very long.

Some figures for this edition :
1.584 registered cars
4.655 participants
473 cars in Classic Track
180 cars in Classic Tour

Memories which already crowd in our heads.
Everything passed so fast.
Everything went too quickly.
A feeling of lack, of too little...
An uncontrollable desire to be there still !

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The big heart, we find comfort partially by saying to ourself that we shall not need to wait on one year...

... And we make an appointment with you
in Classic Festival on
October 10th and 11th to Nogaro

for new adventures "classically" passionate.