"Le temps des hélices" : the aviation meeting of Cerny-La-Ferté-Alais
invited of Classic Days ...

Ancient planes and old cars, it is a love story.
The connection with this magnificent event was of course obvious.

A magnificent plane of Friendly Jean-Baptiste Salis will be exposed on a stand and a presentation flight will take place on Sundays during the
Autosur Classic Parade.

Any small outline before going on
May 18th and 19th to the Meeting itself.

This connection makes that we propose you an offer on tickets for the meeting
"Le Temps des Hélices 2013" :

a free entry for a bought entry
to all Classic Days 2013 badge holders
coming with an old vehicle.
(there will be a parking
dedicated to old vehicles)

Information and rates on the aerial meeting

Official website of the meeting

Conjugation of passion.