Full of Surprises !

For this sixth edition an anthology of surprises were at the program.

One thing's for sure: we had not lied to you!
There was for all the tastes, all the eyes, all the generations, all the family...

Beautiful pictures are better than long speeches, we shall illustrate you simply this program before you can loose yourself in the meanders of the pictures'pages so diverse and varied as this event.

The 2013 figures
exceed all the last editions :

- 1 292 registered cars
- 469 cars in Track
- 151 cars in Classic Tour BRM
- 4 123 participants
- 21 000 persons during these two days
- 577 cars in track for the Parade Autosur Classic,
wich represents a 5 770 � check
for the Institut du Cerveau et de la Mo�lle Epini�re

Jacques Laffite honored

Great moments throughout the weekend with Big Jacques: dedications, photos, discussions, first laps, and emotion with the Ligier JS 11/15, his former car which led him to the second place of the F1 world championship.


A great Lamborghini exhibition

The greatest models exposed (except the 400 GT which had been requisitioned in Italy directly by the brand) to give at this big house all the due honors.


Little wink for 50 years of 911

Vintage set and orange Targa to engrave this moment in family.
Nice memory of this legendary model.


The Mercedes SSK of the collection Schlumpf so magnificent and envoutante as promised

Throughout the weekend, you were able to approach, to touch, to smell, this marvel of besides time. A big moment and the beginning of a long collaboration with the Cit� de l'Automobile of Mulhouse.


Record beaten for the
Parade Autosur Classic

577 cars in track this year for the good cause: a check corresponding to 10 � by present car will be put back by Autosur Classic to the Institut du Cerveau et de la Mo�lle �pini�re. A noble gesture for a moment magnificent and friendly.


Clubs did well their cinema

The FFVE and LVA were there to give evidence of it! Magnificent directions, of very high level, for this first one.


Le Temps des Hélices

Le Temps des H�lices, aviation meeting of Fert� Alais, carrier of exceptional sensations. The hairs of all and all raised themselves in the passage of the Yak 52, and it is the real intellectual engraving which was realized : simply magic.


A pre-war car village in the unique atmosphere

There is only with them before war that you can find this brotherhood, this cohesion a family! Already too small structure in spite of its 375 m2 but which pleasure!


The children kings of the old car

They had a tremendous time our dear toddlers there. Painting, driving, wooden games sets, inflatable structures absolved frenzy and total happiness. Proof that the old car, it is also for youngs!



And the inescapables which made the success of the Classic Days were always there

Classic Track with the show on the track at every level.

Classic Park with numerous moments of conviviality between clubs, and characteristic diversity of Classic Days.

Classic Tour through the charm of the Ni�vre and its stop in the Castle of Prye, Charming case for old cars.

The Trade Village always so pleasant, or by hunting for antiques we always discover the marvel which we needed or not!

From our point of view we would say simply by way of conclusion: roll on next year to see you again!

We miss you already...