the annual new meeting
of the FFVE and the CLASSIC DAYS

Every year, during the Classic Days and with the FFVE,
are organized the Classic Queens.
The Classic Queen 2012 are the nomination by the public
of the most beautiful car of 30 years, 60 years and 90 years ago,
or from 1982, 1952, and 1922.

How to say if a car will go down in history ?

Even if some present more capacities than the others,
only the time allows to answer this question.
What car stood out 1922?
What car stayed as THE car of 1952?
What car is the queen of 1982?

During Classic Days, on the next April 28th and 29th,
the cars produced these three years there will be reconstituted.

Come vote without electoral card, for your cars.

The public will be able to indicate, by a vote, in each of the years the popular car and the car top of the range of his choice.


2 categories,
3 years,
6 queens


To delve into the memories, and remember a time
when the realization of cars obeyed other codes,
but the volumes were already surprising.

It refers to the production of post-war production ;
changing with some automakers are struggling to manage the transition, and other booming.


Important year because this is the minimum age
to qualify as a historic vehicle.
A major landmark, each year, for the FFVE.


Classic Queens
a trans-generational event

before-war, after-war, and young-timer
going of the basic car to the most exceptional ...
just like the image of the Classic Days.

All day of Saturday, the public will vote for cars
having thanks to their eyes.
On Saturday evening, according to the first votes,
a first sorting will be established.
On Sunday, at the end of morning,
will be indicated the Classic Queens of 2012.